Practice Areas


Automobile and Other Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Personal injury and property damage cases that have resulted from car accidents

  • Bicycle accident cases

  • Injured pedestrians cases

  • Hit-and-run cases

       A personal injury can turn your life upside down. A car accident may leave you facing medical bills, property damage, lost time at work, physical pain, emotional stress, and uncertainty as to your future financial situation due to injury-related expenses.

       If you or your loved one have been injured through the negligence and wrongdoing of another, you deserve proper compensation for your losses and harms.  An out of court settlement is often the best case scenario.  A skilled accident lawyer may reach the settlement you deserve without the prolonged stress and expense of a courtroom trial. It requires an experienced personal injury attorney to achieve the maximum award that you deserve.

       At The Law Office of Maryana Yavdyk, we understand that injured victims often feel overwhelmed trying to obtain treatment for their injuries while having to navigate the financial, employment and transportation problems they were not anticipating. We will walk you through each step of the process, starting at the initial client meeting. Our office will create a strategy tailored to your individual case and will work hard in order to secure maximum compensation for your losses.


Business Law

If you are starting a business in North Carolina, we can provide sound legal guidance throughout the process to help you avoid legal pitfalls. You can help position your business for success by choosing the corporate structure that makes the most sense for your needs. We will explain the various corporate structures and other formation aspects to help you make an informed choice. There is a number of options available when choosing a business entity, some of which include:

• Limited liability companies (LLCs)
• Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
• General partnerships
• Sole proprietorships
• Corporations
• Professional corporations

In addition to establishing your business entity, our law firm can handle other legal matters associated with it, including contract preparation and review, and collection matters.


 Skilled Defense In Traffic Matters

Charges of traffic offenses can affect your career and your ability to drive. If you have received a traffic ticket, our firm can skillfully fight your charges to protect your driving record, your criminal record, and your reputation.


Divorce and Separation

When the divorcing couple is in agreement about all aspects of their divorce and there are no remaining disputes, the situation is referred to as an uncontested divorce. Filing for divorce may be common, and the procedure may seem simple, but it is possible for disputes to arise if all factors are not carefully considered. If you need the guidance of a skilled uncontested divorce lawyer, consider our law firm, we will handle your divorce in a prompt and cost effective manner.