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Business Law

  • Consulting on corporate law

  • Opening companies

  • Development of corporate documents.


If you are starting a business in North Carolina, The Law Office of Maryana Yavdyk, PLLC is the ideal partner for you. We can provide sound legal guidance throughout the process to help you avoid legal pitfalls.

Choosing the Right Corporate Structure for Your Business

You can help position your business for success by choosing the corporate structure that makes the most sense for your needs. We will explain the various corporate structures and other formation aspects to help you make an informed choice. There is a number of options available when choosing a business entity, some of which include:

• Limited liability companies (LLCs)

• Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

• General partnerships

• Sole proprietorships

• Corporations

• Professional corporations


Выбор правильной корпоративной структуры для вашего бизнеса

North Carolina Registered Agent Services

For corporate clients, our firm often serves as the registered agent for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in North Carolina. Having your business attorney serve as your registered agent adds a level of privacy to the business filings available on the public record. Each business entity is required by North Carolina statute to have and continuously maintain a registered agent. North Carolina business entities include Business Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Professional Corporations, and Non-Profit Corporations.

North Carolina Registered Agents are a person or entity, designated in the Articles of Incorporation/Organization, who can accept legal documents and notifications from a state office on behalf of a corporate entity. Every Corporation and LLC registered to transact business in North Carolina is required to have a Registered Agent.

The registered office is the North Carolina street address where the registered agent receives legal documents and government notices on behalf of the company. This address must be a physical address in North Carolina and cannot be a PO Box. Your registered agent will be responsible on your behalf to receive service of all legal documents and service of process served upon the business. The Registered Agent must be located at the physical registered office.

If you Need a North Carolina

Corporate Registered Agent:

       Our law firm serves as Registered Agent for our business clients from our Charlotte Office. You can feel safe and secure that your company’s important legal documents are being treated with the attention and security they deserve and are being handled in compliance with North Carolina law. Our annual fee for serving as registered agent for your NC business entity is $200.00.

       If you retain our form to assist you in the process of establishing your business, you will always work with a licensed attorney, get prompt and personalized attention to your concerns, and receive the highest quality services at a reasonable cost.

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